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Cathodic Protection Technology Corrosion Destroys Concrete
We installed CPT’s system in 2002 because we did not want to experience restoration ever again. 7 years later we are still restoration free except for areas we did not install the ICCP system. This really validates our decision. Their customer service is exemplary – any questions or concerns we have, they respond immediately.

-- Greg Smith, Property Manager, Mainsail
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Services and Processes

For the last 13 years, CPT has been singularly focused on providing impressed current cathodic protection systems for the Condominium market. CPT’s experience, knowledge and understanding is unmatched in this market.

Restoration is the largest investment a Condominium will have to make – and because of this there are a lot of steps that a Condominium will take in order to “future proof” their structure from corrosion. Understanding the steps and services needed is critical to the global success of the project.

Outlined below are different services and processes that CPT can assist with as you evaluate your options. 

Choosing an Engineer

If your Condominium has an issue with your balcony, walkway, plaza, parking garage, and the issue(s) are beyond what your maintenance crew can manage, it is critical that the Condominium hire a Structural Engineer. This engagement typically consists of an informal assessment that will provide appropriate action steps. Click here if you would like help locating a Structural Engineers in your area

Formal survey and assessment

Based on the assessment, the Condominium will decide to either hire an Engineer or fix the issues in-house. If the Condominium hires an Engineer, the Engineer will most likely perform a formal conditions assessment. The types of services that an Engineer will perform vary.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Visual Inspection (ACI 201.1)
  • Delamination Survey (ASTM D4580)
  • Core Samples (ASTM C42)
  • Total Chlorides (ASTM C1152)
  • PH, Carbonation, Petrographic
  • Cover Thickness (Pachometer)
  • Electrical Continuity
  • Half-cell Potential (ASTM C876)
  • Concrete Petrographic Analysis (ASTM C856)

Once these services are performed, the Engineer typically provides recommendations and options which include cost considerations and lifecycle analysis.

Contractor selection

Selecting a professional contractor that specializes in concrete restoration and repair is a very important step. Proper concrete repairs should last anywhere from 5-10 years and you want to make sure that the Contractor you hire has a history of long-term repairs.

We recommend that you do not select a contractor based solely on price – but more on experience and references from similar restoration projects. Concrete repairs, if executed properly, will pay off large dividends towards extending the structures life.


Once a Condominium chooses to move forward with an impressed current cathodic protection solution, the next step is to create a custom design for the Condominium. This is a critical piece of the puzzle as it takes into consideration all areas covered i.e. balconies, walkways, hallways, pool decks, plaza deck, and stair wells.

Based on economics, Condominiums can choose to protect any and all areas or phase in the cathodic protection over time. The design takes all scenarios into consideration and provides the Condominium with a detailed design of the system, installation protocols and aesthetic options.

Education and training

Probably one of the most important services that CPT provides is education and training to Contractors. The Contractor you hire will ultimately end up installing the ICCP system. There are many moving parts in a restoration project and we have found over the years that by empowering the Contractors to install the system is the most efficient and effective process.

In order for the project to be finished on time and on budget, this empowerment allows contractors the opportunity to manage their time, resources, equipment and proper phasing of the installation in conjunction with other fundamental steps of a restoration project.

By doing this, the installation of the impressed concrete corrosion system from CPT becomes a very integrated part of the entire project. CPT is very proactive is educating the Contractor early in the process disseminating the knowledge of the system design, implementation and phasing with other standard steps of a restoration project.

Commissioning of the corrosion protection System

Upon completion of installation, the system must be tested and calibrated by a CPT NACE certified inspector to determine operating parameters according to the most current NACE standards. Upon completion of those tests, the parameters of operation will be determined and the system will be set to an optimal level.

Once the system is formally commissioned, CPT’s 15 year “No Corrosion” warranty is invoked.

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and inspections

CPT follows up with periodic inspections of the installation. Visits are typically performed during the most critical stages of the installation. During these visits, pictures and documentation are used to make sure standards and acceptance criteria are being met ensuring the system is being installed per the design.

CPT also provides 24X7 phone support throughout the entire installation of the system.

Provided a minimal cost, CPT provides a maintenance program that includes remote monitoring and an annual inspection to ensure that the area treated is corrosion free and the ICCP system is performing as designed. Annual monitoring is a recommended NACE standard and is critical to the long-term success of any impressed current cathodic protection system. Furthermore, a Remote Monitoring Unit is installed in order for CPT to monitor the system remote.

The value an inspection brings to you the owner is the following:

  • You’re home is your most significant investment. Like a car, your finances, your health, you have a  “check up” on them at least once a year. This check up ensures that your most significant investment, your home, stays corrosion free.
  • The inspections are performed to NACE standards that are based on a proven science. The report you receive will reassure you that the system is working as designed and corrosion is being stopped.
  • The annual inspection is also a global summary of your structure. CPT provides this service in order to identify any other issues that may impact the ICCP system, your structure and your investment. This valuable information helps you and the BOD stay on top of all potential problematic areas related to the ICCP installation.
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