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Cathodic Protection Technology Corrosion Destroys Concrete
We had three major restoration projects all roughly 5 years apart and costing us millions of dollars – since we installed CPT’s system in 1997, we have had no major concrete restoration – that’s 12 years and no major concrete restoration – this alone has saved our owners millions of dollars.

-- Julie Wages, 2100 Towers, Property Manager
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In the early 1990’s, CPT was created after years of doing restoration and repair work. We started to become dissatisfied that we could not offer a long-term solution to our customers. The challenges condominiums and the environment face when going thru a restoration project (disruption, dirt, dust, debris, revenue lost, time, noise, etc) is very disheartening. It was this vicious restoration cycle that motivated us to research prospective long-term solutions.

In 1994, CPT stumbled upon Matcor, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of corrosion mitigation solutions. Tired of providing “band-aids” and telling homeowners that the conventional chip and patch repair option would only provide a short term solution, 4-6 years at best, James Emory, CEO and Founder of CPT, partnered with Matcor to design a proprietary impressed current coating system that targeted condominium balconies, walkways, plaza decks and parking garages.

CPT’s first job was Sea Gull Condominium in Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1996 – currently in its 13th year of being corrosion free. Back then, there were no other Vendors offering impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) solutions to the Condominium market. After successfully installing the ICCP system at Sea Gull, CPT applied for an ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) award and won! To no surprise, as CPT won more business and attention from the likes of ICRI, the market flooded with alternative solutions – all stating their solution was the most effective.

From 1998 to 2004 the market became cloudy as more companies and cathodic protection(CP) products entered the Condominium market. Picking the “right” solution was a big challenge for Condominiums. Various CP products that were used in other industries i.e. bridge, historical structures and pipelines, were now being introduced to the market including but not limited to: ribbon and mesh systems, embedded probes, conductive wires placed in saw slots, galvanic pucks and conductive coatings.

Today buyers can be further enticed to consider a variety of sealers, inhibitors, and liquid treatments all hoping to slow the rate of corrosion. From day one, we placed solutions into two categories, short-term and long-term. All of the “other” products that were flooding the market were either short-term solutions or not applicable to typical Condominium structures.

Because of this, we knew we had to be patient as time is the only tool we can use to measure the success of any corrosion mitigation solution. Stopping corrosion is truly a scientific process says Emory. CPT’s system STOPS corrosion, whereby other products slow down or try to prevent corrosion. Today; we can proudly say that our solution has been installed at over 45 Condominiums with zero failures. I don’t think there is anyone in the market that can say that – it is something we are very proud of.

Furthermore, our proven success has allowed us to comfortably position our solution with a design life of 25 years, which we still feel is conservative. We have several projects that have surpassed 10 years and are still corrosion free. This is 3 and 4 times what alternative products in the market provide and are willing to warranty today, said Emory – it has really been satisfying to go back to these condos to perform our annual inspection and find that the system is working as designed and the Condominium is corrosion free.

With 45 installations, CPT still believes there are only three options when entering a restoration project:

  • Conventional repair with short-term cathodic protection solutions
  • Conventional repair with long-term cathodic protection solutions
  • Rip out and replace

Option 3, rip out and replace cases are rare as most Condominium balconies, walkways, etc., are not that deteriorated (Concrete damages exceeding 40% of the concrete surface). CPT’s solution is the long-term solution (25 year design life). It costs on average anywhere from 0-10% more than conventional repair with short-term CP solutions. "What’s been both exciting and rewarding for CPT is we can now offer a solution that is designed to last at least 25 years for only 0-10% more than a typical conventional repair – it’s really a no-brainer says Emory. What were finding is that more and more Homeowners are becoming educated and informed on what solutions have stood the test of time (See Understanding Corrosion to read about the corrosion process). Our job is to continue to empower the Homeowner by educating and informing them on their options and our success. In the end, it is their decision and their money, and we just need to make sure they fully understand all the options and the guarantees that do and don’t come with them."

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