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Cathodic Protection Technology Corrosion Destroys Concrete
“The way I see it, had I been able to convince our Board back in 1996 to go with CPT, we would have prevented $1.9M in restoration repairs, noise disruption, rental loss, and everything else that comes with concrete repair.”

-- Duncan Dowling, President, Blue Surf Condominium

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End the restoration cycle

September 17, 2009 - 6:13 AM

Can we stop corrosion? 

The characteristics of new concrete naturally inhibit corrosion activity of reinforcing steel.  However, coastal structures are exposed continuously to salt-laden air.  This exposure eventually saturates the concrete with chlorides and initiates corrosion activity on the reinforcing steel.  The reinforcing steel corrosion reaction turns the steel to rust (iron oxide).  The formation of rust, which takes up significantly more volume than steel, exerts tremendous internal pressure on the concrete leading to cracking and delamination of the surrounding concrete.  Delaminating concrete weakens the structure, creates potential hazardous falling debris and is visually unappealing.  The corrosion rate accelerates exponentially with time and is increased by other factors such as high temperature and humidity.  Once the concrete has become contaminated with chlorides at the reinforcing steel level, no traditional repair methods such as patching, sealer or membranes will stop the corrosion because all the elements of corrosion remain.  One method for stopping corrosion is the complete removal of all the contaminated concrete which in most cases is not practical or feasible.  The only economical, proven, permanent solution for stopping corrosion is the installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system.  It may be a 10-15 year process for the first cycle of chloride contamination and concrete damage to occur but without proper corrosion mitigation techniques additional corrosion will cause new concrete damage in a relatively short time frame typically four to six years after a restoration cycle is completed. Call us today at 1-800-392-0274 to find out how we can help you stop major restoration - Guaranteed!

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